CosBE IntroductionCosBE Introduction
Exapmles of Intenational Management Miscommunication
  • Delays and engineer demotivation due to communication issues in offshore or remote development teams.
  • Companies aiming to hire non-Japanese IT engineers, lacking Japanese language management systems.
  • Uncertainty about integrating non-Japanese engineers with the existing team.
  • Issues arise when local subsidiary results don't meet headquarters' expectations or when there's a lack of understanding.
  • Communication problems between local subsidiary presidents and headquarters affecting business development and local employee understanding.
Our Solutions
1. Comprehensive service including team formation, management, and internal organizational reform.
2. Full support for in-house production, including educational resources and mechanism creation.
3. Consulting and assistance for managing local subsidiaries.
4. Hands-on support at a managerial level, going beyond interpretation.
5. Comprehensive in-house production support, including educational resources and system creation, including GEN-AI solutions.

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CosBE Pro-Service aims to provide a comprehensive solution that covers various aspects of managing international development teams. This includes

  • team collaboration / team management for diverse multi-lingual team
  • Bridge Engineering (language & Cultural Differences)
  • internal organizational reform.

CosBE School offers training programs for students and company professionals aimed at improving:

  • Skills and knowledge of individuals responsible for managing international teams.
  • Scrum Master skillset, which is valuable for Agile project management.

CosBE Gen-AI employs:

  • Artificial intelligence (AI) to tackle communication issues in the workplace.
  • AI technologies can help bridge language and cultural gaps, improving communication between different levels of management.
  • Modern tech-stack to develop products related to international management.
  • 🥁 Drum Roll Please 🥁 Our first product is a Resume Sorting Application.