The Cosmopolitan Business Engine.
The word of “Cosmopolitan” is a wish for peace world where human beings can live freely and equally. CosBE contributes clients be free from the prejudice and achieve borderless growth
Ken, CosBE’s founder formed a international IT team for a local Japanese company.

Ken embarked on a remarkable journey when he founded an international IT team tasked with revolutionizing the IT infrastructure for a local Japanese company. Upon successfully completing their mission, the team faced a challenge: their lack of proficiency in the Japanese language hindered their job prospects within Japanese organizations.

In response to this dilemma, Ken envisioned and established CosBE, an organization with a mission to transcend language barriers and cultural differences. CosBE is committed to delivering cutting-edge digital solutions to clients worldwide, leveraging the expertise of its highly accomplished IT team. However, CosBE’s mission extends beyond technology; it aspires to eradicate workplace communication “misunderstandings” stemming from linguistic and cultural disparities.

Our logo embodies a vision of a harmonious world, inspired by ‘Cosmopolitan,’ represented by a triangle symbolizing our interconnected departments, akin to California's blue sky and its diverse landscape elements. Our mission is to liberate minds from bias and guide clients toward limitless horizons, reflecting our threefold approach known as “Ken's Triangle.” We are motivated to tackle miscommunication through digital solutions, ensuring seamless understanding and fostering global collaboration. As we embrace 'Be Cosmopolitan' with 'CosBE,' we unite to create a truly cosmopolitan world.

We have a mission.

Let’s achieve it together and


Global one team

CosBE Employees Map
Having 23 years of experience in the startup industry, serving as a consultant and CEO. He was selected as the youngest partner at Deloitte in 2016, where he was responsible for initiatives such as launching DTVS and providing management consulting services for CEOs (vision, strategy, organization, and IPO), working with over 1,000 CEOs over 18 years. Afterward, he was appointed as the CEO by a founding family at Toyokoh and successfully grew it from the small family business to a global startup with a market capitalization exceeding 250 million USD in just three years. To facilitate international expansion and promote the multinationalization of business and organization, he founded CosBE.
Graduated at the top of her class from Kwansei Gakuin University, where she conducted research on the core technologies of AI at the university's graduate school. Her research achievements were recognized, and she served as a keynote speaker at various international conferences and European AI societies, including COSIT2019 (Germany), ICAART2019 (Czech Republic), and QR2018 (Sweden).Subsequently, she joined Toyokoh, where she led a team of 10 foreign engineers, all recent graduates, to develop a construction management cloud service for AI/IoT. Within two years, they secured pre-contracts with major companies in Japan, the United States, and Brazil. She made significant contributions to Toyokoh's IT and global expansion efforts and is currently dedicated to developing new applications.
Co-founder/VP of Business
In 2018, he initiated fundraising efforts while still in school, which served as the catalyst for him to establish a company upon graduating from university. This company provided accommodation-sharing services to 1,300 users. Subsequently, he took on the role of launching the Olympics, where he was responsible for tasks such as creating the website, handling public relations, and organizing training programs. He was also involved in directing 300 IT engineers.Moreover, he was selected as the Japanese representative in initiatives like the Cabinet Office's Southeast Asia Youth Ship for Southeast Asian Youth Program (SSEAYP) and the Ministry of Education's Tobitate! Study Abroad JAPAN Project. This led to a year-long internship in the United States and collaborative project work with young individuals from nine other countries, including Vietnam and Indonesia.In February 2022, he initiated a project to support Ukraine, leading a movement that engaged 10,000 people nationwide within three months. With the aim of promoting Japan's unique pluralistic mindset to the world, he joined CosBE in January 2023.
VP of Engineer
I am passionate about learning new technologies and applying them to solve real-world problems. I have acquired multiple certifications from Google in cybersecurity, Linux, and Python. I am also proficient in developing Continuous Integration/Delivery pipelines (CICD) using tools such as Jenkins, GitLab, and GitHub. I have a strong background in computer science, with a master's degree from Queen Mary University of London and a bachelor's degree from Nitte Meenakshi Institute of Technology.
VP of Techonolgy
I am passionate about creating innovative and scalable solutions that solve real-world problems and add value to the customers and the business. I contributed to several projects involving MERN stack, RESTful APIs, GraphQL, Kubernetes, and Redis. I have also completed multiple certifications and a web development bootcamp to enhance my skills and knowledge in this domain. I design, develop and maintain robust web applications that support the company's digital transformation and data protection services. I work with a variety of front-end and back-end technologies, such as React, Node.js, Flask, MongoDB, SQL, and AWS, to ensure seamless functionality and user experience.
VP of Administration
I am a person with interests. I usually can find effective ways to finish tasks and projects. I have organised several events in a film society as the head. I am able to organise people effectively.